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Another party’s actions may compromise a person’s health and safety. Whether it was a deliberate act or something that happened due to someone’s carelessness, the individual has the right to recover compensation for their injuries. …

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David Cates is one of the lead trial attorneys at Cates Mahoney, LLC. The firm is headquartered in Swansea, Illinois, and focuses on complex litigation involving personal injury, class action, mass torts, and employment law cases.

For today’s blog, David Cates lists some important facts on class action lawsuits.


According to David Cates of the law firm Cates Mahoney, LLC, premises liability is a legal theory that states that property owners — or managers, operators, or tenants — may be responsible for ensuring the safety of their guests. …

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Illinois-based David Cates is one of the lead trial lawyers at Cates Mahoney, LLC. His firm provides legal service and representation. In recent months, David Cates has released blogs discussing the different cases that his firm handles.

In today’s blog, David Cates expounds on mass tort cases and how they…

David Cates

David Cates is a seasoned trial lawyer who handles nationally-recognized complex personal injury cases, including class action and mass torts lawsuits, as well

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